Posting your work!!

- unfortunately the server we're on now isn't equipped to host big files.

if you'd like to show your work currently, unfortunately using an outside source like youtube or vimeo etc. is how to do it.

It is my thought to begin this as an enclosed 3 month session, and it can be evaulated for strengths and weaknesses, and we can collectively discuss the next iteration or community idea etc.

- posts are sent in real time so this is a kind of a chat interface as well!!!

- if you have a group of folx you want to try a project like this with, HMU and i can show ya how it's doneeeeee!

- if you click on a post it will make it bigger to read!

- in '4 column mode' if you click the menu bar at the top left it will take you back to the menu with notifications DMs etc.

<b>THE PEEPS!</b>👯‍♂️

- remember everything posted here is only visible to the people who are in this very small network .

you can click on 'profile directory' on the right and see exactly who all is taking part of this project.

- slowly expand the community of artists who feel they have a space to incubate their work and a ‘personal writers’ room’ of sorts.

- host salons, performances or critiques or small gatherings within each other’s homes once the pandemic environment is safer

- digital events and gatherings, say a play reading, a show and tell, zoom cabaret & critique session, etc.

- people maybe can offer classes etc.

stuff you may want to try out, tech notes, etc.

- you can change to the sexy dark theme in settings

- you may want to experiment with the 'expanded web layout' which displays in four columns and looks pretty neat.

- if you want to target a post to only a few specific people, you can list their usernames, and change the post type (the globe in the box) to 'direct'. this will send the post as a direct message to everyone and they can reply.

this isn't meant to replace facebook or any of the other circles you run in and discuss your work in -

obviously!! it is definitely 'in addition' to anything and everything else you are doing.

i created this to create a 'room' where you just know that other people are working on projects and showing their work. it is the essence of keeping a bardic cell going!

- when you make your profile in 'settings', be sure and check 'list your profile in the directory' so we can all know you're here!

- if you want to use this project on your phone, search 'mastodon' on the app store, and any of the options that come up will let you access the site with a variety of different interface chocies!

- don't worry about the 'federated' stuff - this is to connect to other servers of this social networking app. we may need to use it eventually if we gain over about 50 or so users???? investigate

you all are people who have done that in the past, who are collaborative and offer good critiques. Perhaps we can do it for each other again.

- present drafts of works in progress, get suggestions, critiques, etc.
- get help with an idea, get suggestions of people who would be good to work on your creative team for a project

this is not a club, not a clique, there are no leaders, no hierarchy, no money, no marketing, it is merely a tool and a community if you feel it may be useful. i created it very selfishly because I realized there was a void of community that I had in grad school where I could share ideas and work easily, and wanted a feeling of ‘people having my back creatively’ out in the world post-graduation.

The Speakeasy

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